The term backstory usually refers to information about a character or his environment that is not, or not right away, openly disclosed in an episode, but which is something that had to happen for the character to have his situation or point of view. At the very least, it exists as closely guarded internal documentation in the possession of studio writers.

With regard to Rocket Power, backstory includes or could include:

  • The legal framework of the Shore Shack: Is Raymundo the sole proprietor, is it a general partnership between him and Tito, or a subchapter S corporation? Is it the subject of a living trust?
  • Did Merv and Violet have children?
  • Who lived in Paula's house before she and Sammy moved in?
  • What is Raoul's occupation?

A key backstory element in the show was the status, name, and appearance of Otto and Reggie's birth mother, but even this might have been supported by further undisclosed backstory, such as:

  • Did Ray or Danni have siblings? Are their parents still around?
  • Where did Ray and Danni get married?
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