Bearded man

The Bearded Man, enjoying some vegemite during the flight to New Zealand.

Every so often you would find this short, balding senior man with a full white beard and wearing a Basque beret in different places throughout Ocean Shores: strolling on the boardwalk, fishing off the Pier, dining at the Shack, exiting the Ortega Theatre, even floating around in the surf on an inner tube. He even managed to make the trip to New Zealand! But, he has never spoken a word on camera. For quite some time he remained a mystery to RP fans, more as concerned his significance than his identity.

It can however at least be reported that the former can be accounted for. In Big Air, as Sam receives follow up care for an episode of asthma, a prominent portrait of this individual can be seen on a wall inside the hospital, identifying this man as the wealthy philanthropist who endowed the Ocean Shores Medical Center with a substantial grant.