The act of making a clumsy mistake in an attempt to do something athletic, but can also mean an otherwise tragic event.

History of Beefing

The first record of Beefing was in 11th century Europe, when a man by the name of Francis Drake Rocket was seen on what is believed to be the first skateboard in human history, totally beefing it; he was the first to attempt the 720 FlipTurn Spinner, the move of legend. He unfortunately failed and crashed hard into the filthy clay street.

The act of beefing has become known and feared throughout the ages and continues today.

Beefing Today:

Beefing today is quite commonplace, particularly in Ocean Shores, by two particular individuals, Sammy Dullard and Tito Makani. The highest ranking on the beef-scene, however is Randy Jackson, who beefs every few minutes.

Notable Beefers

  1. Francis Drake Rocket
  2. The Squid
  3. Tito