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Nickj523 II Nickj523 II 4 December 2021

Otto 11 universe

  • 1 characters Otto 10, Universe Hero
  • 2 Villian Otto 10, Universe Villian
  • 3 Otto User Alien
  • 4 Regggie User Hazbin Hotel and Helliva Boss) and Halloween
  • 5 Location

Otto Rocket

Reggie Rocket

Raymundo Rocket (Decessed)

Tito Makani (Decessed)


Vilax's Robot




Eho Eho






Gary Matter



Dog Demanss

drak Red


Old Shore Shack (Desteryed Past)

New mr smoothy (Presents)

Otto 11 universe

Plumber Team new Young Tree house HQ

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JosephStapleton2002 JosephStapleton2002 9 December 2020

Paramount DVD

When will Paramount release season 1 of Rocket Power on DVD?

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SpecialOperationsTrooper SpecialOperationsTrooper 29 April 2019

Warrior of the Viper

My spirit animal is the Monsignifer Lancehead Viper. When I am fully muscular I will tattoo it spiraling down from shoulder to leg/or hip.

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WartortleWill WartortleWill 23 August 2015


In Extreme Nerd, After Sam won the match Tito and Paula hug each other and blushed.

Will they go out dating and be married and Sam will have a new father and have a new half brother or sister and Keoni will be his cousin?

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WartortleWill WartortleWill 11 August 2015

Reggie is in love with…

Reggie has a crush on Sam or Twister because she saved them from danger.

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Shrexy Shrexy 8 May 2015

im so sorry

i should never have told tumblr about this oasis.... this beautiful diamond in the rough....... god forgive me

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Besweeet Besweeet 8 June 2014

(June 2014) Rocket Power's back on TV!

Rocket Power is back on television! You'll need access to a television package that has TeenNick. RP is being shown during TeenNick's "90s Are All That" block of old (see: awesome) shows.

You can catch 2 full episodes (repeat following one hour after the second episode ends) every Saturday at 11:00PM Central (Sunday @ midnight Eastern) and Sunday at 11:00PM Central (Monday @ midnight Eastern).

Things kicked off on June 7th and June 8th with the first 2 full episodes of Rocket Power (New Squid on the Block / Down the Drain and Secret Spot / Ice Queens). It looks like they're showing episodes in order every week.

It's currently unknown as to whether this is a permanent (or at least seasonal) addition to 90s Are All That. Rocket Power was shown …

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Inthezone90 Inthezone90 25 February 2013

Soon i'm going to create my verry own Fannon timeline!

Sometime in the coming week, or weeks i'm going to create a another fannon timeline. Everything is acceptable. Historic events, revolutions, wars, events in series and ect. If and when i decide to write a FF about RP, with some mentioning of real events can really spice up a story IMO. :)

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Knoodelhed Knoodelhed 3 November 2009

Recent communications

I recently had the pleasure of chatting for a few minutes with Joseph Ashton while doing some research for a few upcoming articles. Though he's been under the radar for a while, he's continuing to move forward in his life and do interesting things. He's been to our site, and from what he tells me he seems pleased with what we've been able to do so far. Stay tuned!

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Knoodelhed Knoodelhed 15 September 2009


Hello and welcome! My name's Scott, and I'm happy that you came in to take a look around the Rocket Power Wiki. While I'm not an admin (yet), it may be helpful to think of me as one of the "big cousins" who's helping things get set up around here.

Anyway, we're here to gather up information about Rocket Power, one of the most totally awesome cartoons of all time, so if you find something "missing," feel free to hit the "Edit" link on any page here and contribute what you know. A wiki is all about participation, after all. :)

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