The Return of Clio
Supporting Character






11 or 12

Clio is Twister's cousin who is around Reggie's age. She is the exact opposite of Reggie in the sense that she is more "girly." Because she openly imposes on Reggie with her beliefs on how girls should act, Reggie goes on the defense. In the episode "Ice Queens," she and Reggie challenge each other to switch sports during Winter Fest. In the end, the girls become friends after Clio proves herself to a surprisingly good hockey player and Reggie proves herself to be surprisingly good at figure skating.

In the episode "Ice Queens", Clio and Reggie make a bet that they can display skill in each other's sport.


Did Otto develop a crush on Clio?

In the episode "The Return of Clio", Clio visits Ocean Shores and, without even trying to be too competitive, "one-ups" Otto at blading, skateboarding, and surfing. Otto becomes jealous of the fact that Clio was receiving what he thought was "his" positive attention. In the end, Otto realizes that instead of being jealous of Clio's ability, he should think of it as an opportunity to learn from each other. There was a scene in this episode that caused fans speculate a romantic connection between Clio and Otto. For more information on this particular scene, refer to Otto's page.

Clio's surname is unknown. However, it can be speculated that she's from Twister's father's side of the family, as they both have dark skin. If she is Twister's first cousin and her father is the brother of Twister's father, then her last name may also be Rodriguez.

The role of Clio was read by Jamie Maria Cronin.