Scott Sanchez
Underwater Explorer-727

Relative age

OTS +4


Mixed European/Native American


Wavy, bleach blond


Average height but strongish

Default outfit

Blue ballcap with USA flag, aviator shades, red Nirvana shirt with yellow stick-out-da-tongue happy face, blue corduroy walk shorts, blue and white chequered Vans


Solid black


Blue trunks with white Hawaiian floral pattern

Riding stance





George, father, behavioral therapist; Cynthia, mother, attorney

Scott Sanchez is an enhanced self-image fancharacter based on creator User:Knoodelhed. An insatiable curiosity about the world around him combined with an intense competitive nature characterize his personality. It is like him to do quite well in something and not make a big deal about it: a story is told about him that he was in the Wood Rangers and earned the Key of Light (which fewer than two percent of the program's members manage to do) at age 14 (virtually unheard of), only to give up the complimentary summer national tour customarily provided to the attainers of this rank, in favor of going on a family vacation (well, they did go to Fiji after all, among other places).

A good friend of Lou Crumpacker's, Scott fell into the foursome's orbit one summer ("Season Four" or later) when Reggie had an accident and couldn't make an upcoming hockey game. Scott at the time had been in an on again/off again relationship with Sherry who recommended him, and Otto, Twister, and Sammy, who had been quite worried because the Lasers had lately been on a roll, were pleased with his performance. He helped them secure a 3-2 win, which maintained their standing.

Like many youngsters in Ocean Shores, Scott is an experienced and very comfortable waterperson but seems to prefer quieter activities such as kayaking and freediving; however he's always up for a surf if you ask him to come along. Lou, whom he met in the Wood Rangers, got him interested in exploring caves.

The few interests Scott has that don't involve getting wet or dirty or in risk of limb include working with radio devices, both of the remote-control and communication variety. For money he works a few hours a week in tech support at OceanShores.Web, a local independent internet service provider.