thumb|300px|right|This iconic instrumental was actually recorded by brothers Santo and Johnny Farina. The uploader misattributes the tune to Ritchie Valens.

(Extrapolation fic)

WARNING: SAD (But sweet). Make sure you have a handkerchief and some ice water or chocolate handy.


Then-recent newlyweds and young parents Raymundo and Danielle Rocket would occasionally slow-dance on the upper floor of their home to Santo and Johnny Farina's iconic instrumental shortly after Otto and Reggie had been put into bed for the night. It occupied a very special place in their hearts: this was the first tune Raymundo heard the first time he turned on a radio; he had selected this tune from a jukebox as the background music of his proposal to Danni, and the Farina brothers, whom he had (for a not inconsiderable sum) managed to summon out of retirement, played it live for their first dance at their wedding party.

Later, as both Otto and Reggie were becoming capable of standing and walking unassisted, they would join their parents in that dance, imprinting on their behavior.

Late one night some time after Danielle had passed away, Ray awoke with a start from a fitful sleep to hear the song being played. It turned out that Reg had turned the song on when she heard Otto crying, and was slow-dancing with him to it in order to calm him down, and it was working. Ray, deeply moved by what the song meant to them as well, joined them as they held onto him, and father and children danced together to Sleep Walk many nights afterward as the last thing done together in the day.

Noelani likes this song as well, it being firmly entrenched in the musicography of American beach culture, and she reintroduced it into the Rockets' life, and every so often Reggie and Otto join them in the dance.