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Lars Rodriguez
Lars is tired.jpg
Supporting character


15 or 16




Lean and mean

Default outfit

Gray knit beanie; purple elbow length v neck with red star; green shorts; magenta Chuck Taylors




Green trunks

Riding stance



Voiced By

Lombardo Boyar

Lars Rodriguez is Twister's older brother, Clio and Scotty’s older cousin and the main villain of Rocket Power. Lars is a teenage delinquent who harasses the gang from time to time, bullies Twister on a regular basis, and generally spends his free time getting in trouble. He is also a fiercely competitive athlete and is Otto's biggest competitive and social rival. The given name Lars is a Nordic variant of "Lawrence", which comes from Latin meaning "from Laurentum" (a town southwest of Rome). When Otto, Reggie and Twister were competing in the NHL Breakout tournament against a team from Ocean Bluffs, they asked Lars to fill in for Sam because they thought he wasn't good enough to stand up against the Ocean Bluffs team. In another episode, Reggie, Twister and Sam asked Lars to fill in for Otto after he gets injured snowboarding.

Even though he constantly makes Twister's life miserable, Lars has shown that he really does care about him deep down and would never want anything truly bad to happen to him. Lars is jealous of Twister. He's often accompanied by his three teenage henchmen: Pi Piston, Sputz Ringley and on occasion, Animal.

Lars seems to be respectful of adults; this could be because he's either afraid of getting in trouble or it's because he genuinely respects them.

One of the few times where we see that Lars has a "soft side" is in the episode "Escape from Lars Mountain".