This article references information that may have deteriorated past the point of retrievability.

Websites and discussion forums covering the entertainment industry shortly after the turn of the century reported that Nickelodeon Movies was considering a live-action feature based on Rocket Power and that the name of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, then in his early twenties, had been mentioned in connection with the project. A few fans tried to learn more about this "news" but no other useful information was available, such as what the story might have been about, what capacity or part JTT might have been intended for, where location work was to be shot or who else was to be involved. Not even a story or script was mentioned. No producer or director was ever identified. The project, if there ever actually was one, appears to have been killed in development.

A few fan discussions have occurred from time to time over the years as to which current young talents of the day might be best suited to a live action Rocket Power movie or television program.

Rocket Power Cast

EXAMPLE OF FAN-CASTING: MegzEve007's perfect cast for a live-action RP movie or show.

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