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Noelani as seen in (The Big Day)

Noelani Makani (b. Oahu, Hawaii, circa 40 BTS) and Raymundo got married after the events of Island of the Menehune and The Big Day. The given name "Noelani" is of Hawaiian origin, meaning "mist from heaven." She's a cousin of Tito Makani (their dads are presumably brothers) and had also been close friends with Raymundo's first wife, Danielle, when she was still alive.

Accident at Pipe

Noelani (R) and her late friend (L), seconds before a disastrous surfing accident.

In her youth, Noelani was involved in an incident at the Banzai Pipeline when she was tandem surfing with an unnamed ladyfriend. The girls were thrown by a rogue wave and separated when it crashed on top of them, snapping their surfboard in two. Although Noelani searched for her, she never saw her surfing partner again. This experience deeply affected Noelani and caused her to be extremely cautious thereafter.

Production info

The role of Noelani Makani was read by Kim Mai Guest.