Ray Bumatai
Ray Bumatai
Voice actor


1952-12-20, Offenbach am Main, Hesse, West Germany


2005-10-06, Honolulu, Hawaii


Tito Makani

Ray Bumatai, byname of Raimund Bumatai (12/20/1952 –10/6/2005) was an American musician, singer, recording artist, and actor who worked in comedy and live entertainment in Honolulu and in live-action production and animation in Hollywood.

Bumatai was born, to a native German mother, and an American father of Filipino extraction who was serving in the US military, during the Allied Occupation in Offenbach am Main, Germany, the older brother of stand-up comedian Andy Bumatai. He had been active in motion pictures and television since the late 1980s. A supporting actor in many television series filmed in Hawaii, Bumatai often played a local character.In Sherwood Hu's Hawaiian-themed ghost thriller Lani Loa (1998) he played the character Hawaiian Kenny. Among his more recent work, Bumatai read the part of Tito Makani. on Klasky-Csupo's Rocket Power cartoon series.

Bumatai died at Honolulu in 2005, after having been treated for brain cancer at various times during the last years of his life. In addition to his wife, Karen "Bree" Bumatai (formerly Karen Brilliande) Ray Bumatai is survived by his daughter Cecilly Ann Bumatai (from another marriage), parents Elsie and Bobby, and siblings Andy, Ramona, Ben, Gabe and Heidi.