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Sam Dullard
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Main character








Short and stout

Default outfit

eyeglasses; dark yellow tee with brown "N" logo; faded blue jeans; blue shoes


Grey bicyclist type with shark design motif and fins


Maroon jams with Hawaiian floral pattern

Riding stance



Captain Beefheart


Doug (Father)
Paula (Mother)

Samuel "Sam" Dullard moved to Ocean Shores, California, from Hutchinson, Kansas (ref: S01 E20a, "Snow Day").

Otto, Twister and Reggie address him as "Squid", a term developed on motorcycle tracks in Southern California. Squid comes from the term "squirrelly" and was given to new riders who exhibited an unpredictable and unsteady riding style on account of them being new to the sport.

The new kid on the block, he’s introduced to us on the first episode, where he and his divorced mother Paula moved to the only vacant house in the cul-de-sac. 


A very smart and intelligent kid, Sam is the same age as Otto and Twister, but was promoted one grade up at school (his mom's idea) and is in Reggie's class. He is the voice of conscience and common sense for the group; his fears and his intelligent analysis usually keep the other kids out of serious danger. He is very good at math and science, and is also a very literate computer user who has developed applications. He is rarely seen without his trusty laptop computer, which he carries along everywhere he goes.

It was never explained why the Dullards moved from Kansas to Ocean Shores. Over the years, some fans offered the theory that the move might have had to do with Sam's asthma and allergies; living in a state where every year the boy would have been exposed to a lot of pollen, his condition would have worsened periodically, which would have a negative impact on his quality of life.

In California, away from the prairies and exposed to the salty air coming from the sea, Sam would probably be more protected from his allergies and his asthma, though it was shown in at least one episode ("Big Air") that his condition could still get out of control.

The role of Sam was read by Sam Saletta, Gary LeRoi Gray and Sean Marquette at different times.




  • Originally, the Dullards were to be from New York state instead of Kansas. This is the reason why Sam wears a shirt with a big "N" on it; the "N" stands for New York. After his home state was changed to Kansas during development of the series, the "N" remained on his short.
  • Sam's the only member of the friend group to be an only child.


Twister Rodriguez

"Squid" Incumbent