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Scotty (a.k.a. "Little Scotty") is Lars, Twister, and Clio's 6-year-old cousin. His only appearance was in the episode entitled "Twister's Cuz." In this episode, Scotty repeatedly mentions that Twister is his "favorite cousin", showing that Twister is somewhat of a role-model for him. He doesn't seem to care too much for his other older cousin, Lars, though. He likes Reggie and, although it is merely speculation, he may have a small crush on her.

In "Twister's Cuz", Twister goes against his mother's wishes and takes Scotty to the amusement park to ride the newly opened "Sky Torpedo" with the rest of the gang. Scotty becomes enamored by a plastic spider ring on a young boy's finger and leaves the group to find the game that would win him one for Twister. When the gang realizes that Scotty had gone missing, they search frantically for him all over the park. Twister clearly becomes frustrated with Scotty due to the hilarious and messy things that he had to go through to find him. When the gang regroups, they finally find Scotty. Scotty gives Twister the spider ring that he won and Twister accepts it in a small display of flattery. Twister offers to split a soda with Scotty, showing that he had instantly become more willing to spend time with his little cousin.

Scotty's surname is unknown. It is likely that he is from Twister's mother's side of the family because of his fair complexion.