Skateboarding is an activity that was invented in the 1960s by surfers from California, as something fun to do when they could not surf. It can be done almost anywhere there is an unobstructed surface. There are two main schools of skateboarding: vert and street. Since the advent of post-Cold War politics, skateboarding has gained both popularity and legitimacy as a sport.

Vert skaters enjoy interacting with bowls and ramps to go fast and get air. Street skaters enjoy thinking on their feet and looking for solid objects to grind or slide over.

Either kind of skating requires balance, skill, patience, and caution. You should always wear a helmet and pads when you go skating; otherwise you could get seriously hurt if you fall or run into something.

Blast to the Past - Woodward Session 2006

Blast to the Past - Woodward Session 2006

If I was making a live action Rocket Power movie, I would want these guys in it. Nick and Tristan Puehse at Woodward West, 2006. video: Bob Sato.

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