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Tito Makani
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Raymundo Rocket's business partner at the Shore Shack

Voiced by

Ray Bumatai (1952-2005)


Surfing, telling ancient Hawaiʻian stories







Tito Herbert Makani Jr. is a surfer from Hawaii and the co-owner and grillman at the Shore Shack. He is best friends and business partners with Ray Rocket. His notable actions include, surfing, telling stories and giving advice.

He is known for telling his ancient Hawaiʻian stories. He has a nephew named Keoni.

In the episode "Extreme Nerd", it's revealed that Tito has a crush on Paula Dulllard.

In the episode "Twist of Fate", Tito reveals that he watches a show called "Gung-Ho Gopher", an education cartoon that focuses on survival skills.

Early Life

Tito was born in Oʻahu, Hawaii. He learned how to surf from his father, who gifted him a longboard surfboard. He later used the same surfboard to teach Sam how to surf. Eventually he met Ray Rocket, a surfer from California, and became friends with him.

Later Years

Eventually, back in California, Tito and Ray opened the Shore Shack on the pier in Ocean Shores. Tito is much more than just a friend and business partner to Ray as he is also like a second father to Ray's children Otto and Reggie. He also imparts his wisdom on Otto and Reggie's friends Twister and Sam.