Ulises Cuadra Jr.



Starburst Bus Station

Starburst Bus Station

Ulises Cuadra is visible in this 2007 commercial, wearing a black hoodie.

Judging Amy 3x08 'Rights Of Passage' 1 5

Judging Amy 3x08 'Rights Of Passage' 1 5

Ulises (uncredited) plays a character named Duncan in this episode.

Ulises Cuadra Jr. (b. 1987) was the first of two actors to play the role of Twister. He has been active since the late 1990s in movies, television, animation, video games, and (primarily in the Spanish language market) commercial voice over. When Cuadra's voice began to change, as reflected in the changes in Twister's voice in Cinco de Twisto, he left the series and the role of Twister was taken over by Gilbert Leal. Both Cuadra and Leal had parts in the 2000 boxing movie Price of Glory.

Although his given name is "Ulises", he also goes by "Ulysses".

Ulises Cuadra 2007

Ulises Cuadra, circa 2007.