There are a number of ways in which you can watch Rocket Power. This page will cover the legitimate ones; other methods can be questionable, so you're on the own there!

Official DVDs

In late May (2014), official season DVDs were made available on Amazon. Find more info >at this link.< As of October 1 (2014), every episode of Rocket Power can be purchased for DVD playback.


Amazon has recently reached a deal with Viacom to offer a number of children's shows/cartoons, including Rocket Power, via Amazon Instant Video . While most episodes are available on Amazon, some aren't, unfortunately. Oddly enough, all of the episodes are scattered across 7 seasons, but there were actually only 3. In other words, the episodes on Amazon aren't in their actual broadcast order.

If you use Amazon's desktop Instant Video software , it allows you to download DRM-protected versions of the episodes for offline viewing. Otherwise, you can simply stream them from your computer's web browser or mobile device.

Episodes can be purchased for $1.99 each, while seasons are $6.99. If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, all episodes are available at no extra cost.


iTunes is similar to Amazon in the sense that episodes are offered, but iTunes only has about half of what Amazon offers. Also like Amazon, episodes are scattered, but throughout just 4 seasons.

Episodes are downloaded to your computer or mobile iOS device, and are protected with DRM, so only authorized devices can play them back.

You can purchase individual episodes for $1.99, or the entire "season" for $6.99.

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