The Wood Rangers are a uniformed youth organization represented in Ocean Shores. Like the Scouts of our world, they emphasize personal development through service, activity, and positive role modeling.


In Escape from Lars Mountain the foursome as they wander through the woods locate a Wood Ranger uniform shirt, surrounded by bones. The Lasers had earlier hinted at a local urban myth about a missing Wood Ranger. Twister takes this discovery to be the scene of a human death, but Reggie examines the evidence more closely and declares, "Guys, these are chicken bones." To which only Twister, now reassured, could retort, "What was a chicken doing in a Wood Ranger's uniform?"

It is probable that none of the foursome had been in the Wood Rangers; Twister did recognize the uniform as being such while none of them recognized it as having been theirs. It had probably belonged to one of Lars' minions, if it had been legitimately obtained.